Charities I Support

People Improvement Organization (PIO)

PIO serves over 1000 children a day through a variety of programs that include, non-formal education and vocational training. Through our programs we provide some of the most vulnerable women and children in Cambodia with hope for the future. Through education it is our belief that we can improve the lives of the Cambodian people which will lead to taking greater control of ones life and as a result, a life out of poverty. Kelso and I both support a child to attend school and to stay at the orphanage. My school I work at helps the PIO in many ways each and every year.

The Children’s Surgical Centre (CSC)

The Children’s Surgical Centre is non-profit, non-political, and non-religious, and is widely recognised in Cambodia for providing a range of specialized rehabilitation surgical services, surgical training and direct support to the people of Cambodia – free of charge.

The CSC aims to improve the quality of life for disabled Cambodian children and adults by providing free rehabilitation surgery. Integral to this mission is a program of training local surgeons and health workers, focusing on the development of sustainable health services. CSC provides a wide range of surgery, encompassing orthopaedic surgery, eye surgery, and plastic & burn surgery. I have supported the CSC through fundraising money for the Singapore White Collar Boxing event I have participated twice in as a fighter.

The Reason Why: 

The Cambodian Acid Survivors Charity (CASC)

CASC is a partner organization to the CSC and is the only organization in Cambodia working with survivors of acid attacks using a holistic approach. CASC works on several different levels. For acid burn survivors CASC provides extensive support and skills training. To limit accidental acid burns CASC promotes education and awareness in safe handling and storage of acid. At a national level CASC works to eradicate acid violence by encouraging the establishment of strict regulations to limit acid availability and by encouraging the enactment of legislation which would classify acid violence as a public, criminal offence. I support CASC through donations of goods to help support the victims and provide activities, reading materials and other items to them whenever I visit Cambodia.

Cambodian Acid Survivors Charity:

Tabitha Foundation

The mission of the Tabitha Foundation is to enable the poorest of the poor in Cambodia to recognize and develop inherent skills and resources in  a way that brings dignity and respect within the people we work with;  within the country and within the world; and that will result in measurable and visible improvement in the lifestyles of the people we work with.

Programmes run by Tabitha include Savings and Family Partnerships, Water Sources, House Building, Schools and Hospitals. I have built houses with the Tabitha Foundation many times over the years. Check out this video on another group’s experience of building houses with Tabitha.


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