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Everything I do to help raise money for various charities in Cambodia.

Weekend Fabulousness and Phnom Penh Plans

This weekend was fantastic. You know, the start to finish, awesome kind of weekend. Friday was a nice and relaxed evening with my hubby. Saturday, I hosted what may be the first-ever Boxing Baby Shower for my boxing coach, Rey and his wife Hazel and ate tons of delicious food made by my friend Nora and her good friend Emma.

Sunday, I hosted the first-ever Bootcamp in the Botanics Fundraiser that raised over $1000 (thanks to an EXTREMELY generous donation of 100% of the bootcamp fees from all the trainers at LEVEL Fitness!!!) Amazing stuff and it was great to have such wonderful weather and an amazing turn-out.

Bootcampers before the Workout started

Bootcampers before the Workout started

And then on Sunday evening, we celebrated Thanksgiving a week early with the Canadian Association of Singapore and enjoyed a fab turkey dinner with all of our friends.

It’s been a great weekend indeed!

Now that the weekend has passed, it’s time to really start preparing for my parents arrival. There are many things on my ‘to do’ list before they get here on Thursday. Unfortunately, I am now sick with a nasty chest cold and middle ear infection! Ain’t nobody got time for that!! But I will have to take some time to rest and get better before their arrival. Fingers crossed that I’ll be back on track in no time.

But before I rest, I need to fill you in on the rest of our Cambodia plans.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We will be arriving on the Tuesday evening from Siem Reap and heading straight to our hotel. During our 5 day stay in Phnom Penh we will be staying at the White Mansion Boutique Hotel. Again, I haven’t stayed here before, but this time the recommendation came from a friend of mine and she had many wonderful things to say. Very excited about our stay.

We’ll maybe go out for dinner or may just hang out at the hotel that evening. The next morning we’ll be heading off to some of my favourite places in Phnom Penh. A bit of shopping, eating and seeing the city is scheduled for this day. First stop – my favourite dress shop, Ambre. I love this shop and it is always my first stop. I hope that my mom finds some beautiful items as well to take home with her and I hope my dad has a bit of patience to wait for our shopping for an hour or so! 🙂

From there we will be heading to the Tabitha office for a briefing of our build with founder, and fellow Canadian, Janne Ritskes. This is a really important part of the house build as she gives everyone lots of information on the history, customs and what we need to remember while we are meeting people that have different cultural understandings than our own. Tabitha also has a wonderful silk shop where everything is hand made. Again – a little shopping is in order! We’ll follow up the day with some pool time, wandering around, sightseeing in the city and then meet up with my friends who arrived into Phnom Penh a few days prior to us for dinner and drinks.

Our next day will be much different than the day before as we will be learning a lot about the history of Cambodia and the genocide. We will be visiting Tuol Seng Genocide Museum – also known as S-21. Tuol Sleng was a former high school before the rise of the Khmer Rouge and was turned into an execution centre/prison. It was only one of at least 150 execution centres in the country, and as many as 20,000 prisoners there were killed there. From there, we will continue to learn about the genocide by visiting the notorious Killing Fields. This day will be sombre but it is extremely important to truly understand what happened in Cambodia during this time and to learn about their experiences as people of this country at that time. By understanding, we can see just how far Cambodia has come, appreciate all the work that has been done to help raise Cambodia back to the place where it once was.

Our next day will include a visit to the People Improvement Organization (PIO). I have been visiting and working with this organization for the past nine years and Kelso and I both sponsor a child each to live in the orphanage and attend school. I love this organization and all the students are so very excited to see you, practice their English skills and get to know more about you. I know that they will love to see that I have brought my parents with me – to see what they look like and how similar (or dissimilar) we may look. We are taking the kids from the orphanage on a special excursion to the water park. I know that they will absolutely love the afternoon out doing something special. That day Kelso will also arrive in the evening. It will be great to have him in Phnom Penh with us and I am sure we will celebrate his arrival with a few drinks and dinner out somewhere.

The next day will be our build day. We will be driving a few hours out of Phnom Penh to the build site and we will be building all 16 houses in one day. This will be an amazing experience for all of us and I am really looking forward to sharing in this with my parents and friends. That evening, we are usually pretty knackered, but there is always time for a little dinner and drinks to celebrate a great day.

We will then be heading back to Singapore the following afternoon. But I am sure we will try to fit in any last sights or stops before heading to the airport.

There will be lots and lots to write about and I am hoping that my parents will take a few moments to ‘guest blog’ on here to give their perspective on the trip. I am sure that they will have quite a bit to talk about and I look forward to learning how they feel, react and to watch them fall in love with Cambodia too.


Excited? You betcha!

I’m excited for a few things at the moment…. it’s a good feeling and a helluva way to wake up on a Saturday.

Cocktails for Cambodia – tonight is the night! This is one of the best fundraisers that we host every year in preparation for the House Build. It’s an amazingly easy fundraiser to run… it practically runs itself! The concept is this:

– people donate booze to the event. Friends look through their cupboards and donate what they have. We’ll take a half opened bottle of rum or a brand new one. Whatever people want to spare.

– from that, we make amazing drink concoctions and serve a new cocktail every half hour of the party. This year, because there are so many people joining for the build there will be 2 different drink choices every half hour. As you can imagine, people get silly very fast.

– Guests pay $50 for a ticket to get into the party and that includes free flow drinks and food from 7:00-11:00pm. This is literally the best food and drinks deal in all of Singapore.

Massage – we finally got paid so I’m getting a massage. It was great (and also painful at the same time) but it was much needed.

Early Morning Boxing Session – up and at ’em and finished. Have had a little ailment these past few days but got the go ahead from the Dr I could do exercise so I was back in the gym first thing today.

Mom and Dad Arrive in 13 Days! This is the part that I am really excited for. We’ve got a full schedule of events and we don’t want to miss a thing. First stop is Singapore! They are arriving in around noon on Thursday and will be picked up and whisked away to our condo (fingers crossed the guy picking them up isn’t a ding dong and actually drops them off at our place!)

The sunrise view from the balcony at Chez O'Beggs

The sunrise view from the balcony at Chez O’Beggs

They can then get showered up and grab a coffee from Starbucks just below us and chill out until I get home from work. They want to come to the gym to meet Rey and see one of my training sessions and this is the only day that we can do that because the school has made a wonderful mandatory PD day for teachers on first Saturday of our holidays. (thanks) From there, we will meet up with cousin Katelyn, a few friends and husband Kelso for dinner. 🙂

On Friday, both Kelso and I will be at work so the ‘rents will be entertaining themselves this day. Depending on their state of jet lag, I may send them off to check out Gardens by the Bay . This is an amazing outdoor and indoor display of flora and fauna. Literally one of the world’s best!

After a great morning/afternoon of sightseeing, they will head on the MRT to come and meet me at school. At the end of the day we are planning to hold one last fundraiser post PD day (beers and BBQ) for one more last ditch effort to raise some fast cash for Cambodia. We will do that for a couple of hours and then head out somewhere for our own beers and food.

On the Saturday, I will be at work all day so Kelso and my parents can hang out. Maybe a little bit o’ brunch in Holland Village (a great little eat street and shopping area only one MRT stop away from our house)

shopping_hollandNot sure what they will do with the rest of the day, maybe Orchard Road, maybe head down to Chinatown or Little India (two great places to hunt around in shops and to check out the vibrancy of some of the different cultures in Singapore). I am assuming that Kelso will have a football game too so maybe that will be a good time for them to head home for a little rest. I will meet up with them as soon as I am done work and our evening will most likely involve a number of beers and sitting down on a patio somewhere possibly down in Boat Quay area.

Then on the Sunday, we depart for Cambodia…. more to come about this part of their adventure soon! It’s already a packed first few days in Singapore! I can’t wait to have them here. Hurry up 13 days!!

Focus on the Awesome

You know… sometimes you have one of those days that you think “geeeze, could anything more happen??”. Today happened to be one of them.

But instead of complaining about how busy I was or things that went wrong or things that annoyed the F out of me… I decided that writing down the things that went AWESOME are far more worthwhile (and probably far more interesting for you to read!)

1. I sparred. – Ok, it was more of “spar play” with Rey, but I did don my mouthguard and headgear and let him give me a few love taps while I tried my damnedest to hit him. That’s the way it usually goes when I am sparring, but it felt good to try it again. Three 3 minute rounds too. I felt pretty good about it. Nevermind the part about how after the rounds were over I was so tired I could hardly move my arms… let’s just celebrate the fact that it happened.

2. I boxed with my students and they were AWESOME! How refreshing it is to have kids who aren’t complaining about being too hot, or being too tired, or being… well they can sometimes complain about just about anything. But for the last 3 weeks I have been taking a group of students on Wednesday afternoons to the boxing gym and they have been phenomenal. They have really worked their hardest to learn the skills and improve their ability. When we got on the bus after the session, I asked “Did you guys like it?” and they all screamed out a resounding “YES!” What’s not to love about that?

3. Our online Canadian fundraising page hit $14,820 today. What the what? That is fabulous!!! We still have so many more events to happen so we are looking like we might hit our fundraising goal. I see that my parents have done an amazing job of collecting donations and as always my Aunts, Uncles, cousins and family friends have shown their support. Thank you!!! Kelso has been an all-star today as well. He made a fabulous donation himself, has helped to spread the word and has gotten another significant donation from a colleague. I knew there was a reason I married him (and also for his football skills obviously) 🙂

4. My parents arrive in 16 days! The countdown is officially on. Enough said.

Four fantastic things that are awesome, ain’t so bad in a single day. Not every day needs to be a “belter” (as Kelso would say – translated to mean “amazing”). Sometimes the awesome just isn’t as noticeable as the bad stuff… sometimes you need to step back to see it.



Body Break!

If you lived in Canada in the 80’s/90’s you know exactly what this title is referencing (or maybe this is only an Ontario thing???)

For those non-Canucks, Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod kept us fit and fabulous throughout those years with their suggestions of ways to take us off the sofa and into action. To me, at the time, their messages were more funny than something I actually  listened to at that age. Ok, well – they are still funny, obviously. But now I see their point. And now I have also decided on this year’s Halloween costumes for Kelso and I after surfing a bit looking at videos and pictures of Body Breakers, Hal and Joanne.

Coordinated track suits are a MUST!

Coordinated track suits are a MUST!

Shiney Lycra! My fave!

Shiney Lycra! My fave!

But not only were they known for their amazing wordrobes but I am sure that everyone can remember the slogan. “Keep Fit and Have Fun” as brought to us by the ParticipACTION campaign. Catchy Slogan indeed. Marketing Genius.

I myself have been working on my own ParticipACTION. As mentioned in my last blog, I have taken on the challenge of donating $1 for every 5 mins of exercise I am doing each week. So far so good… I’ve completed 2 hours of exercise so that means I will be donating $24 so far to the cause. This week’s goal is to do enough exercise to donate $60. Exercising for charity? Feels even better.

My friend, Chris White, has also working on the “Take Action Challenge”. He is running the North Face 50km Race on October 5th and will be donating $1 for every kilometre he runs. This is seriously amazing. I struggle to run 5K on any given day so I actually can’t imagine running 50!!! He’s doing some great stuff for his own training and he ran 25.58km last week and will be pledging that in dollar-form as well. Thanks so much Chris and congrats on all that you have done so far!!

(if you want to see what 50km in a Singapore running trail looks like – check out the map of the race here Holy Guacamole!)

And now there is another way that you can “Keep Fit and Have Fun” while also helping a cause. On Sunday October 6th, I am organizing a Bootcamp in the Botanics Fundraiser and Picnic Breakfast, in partnership with LEVEL Fitness. This fantastic initiative combines fitness and fundraising and is a chance for people to experience what LEVEL has to offer. First – a Bootcamp fitness session and then a post-workout Picnic Breakfast for all.

Bootcamps run by LEVEL are fantastic (I have been attending sessions for the last three Monday evenings at ‘Speaker’s Corner’ and love them).

REGISTER TODAY! Check out the online registration form below (you can fill it in directly from my blog!)


So, until next time….


Canadians - I dare you not to sing the jingle...

Canadians – I dare you not to sing the jingle…

I Challenge YOU!!!

Finally… they are making apps that mean something.

Don’t get me wrong, I love “Pinterest” and I’ve heard “Candy Crush” is an addictive game and I use my “Conversion” app to help be figure out the measurement differences, but I have never downloaded an app that would help me to help someone else… yet.

A friend of mine posted a link to website listing “10 Empowering Apps for Social Good“.  It was an interesting list highlighting some really great things that you can do with your phone, tablet or computer that would either teach you about perspective, understanding or even better… allows people to do something and have money donated for doing it.

Two apps on the list especially stood out to me.

Budge” – Users can stir up donations just by getting friends to do activities that they already do or play games they already like. The loser of the challenge can donate a predetermined amount to one of a handful of charities (both in the U.S. and Australia)

Charity Miles” – this one is simple in concept too while also promoting healthy fitness. Earn money for exercise that you do. Bikers, walkers and runners earn $ for every mile they complete. The charities are all in the U.S.

Both of these initiatives (and also the other 8 listed on the original website) are amazing ideas. Unfortunately, you an only choose a charity from the list of charities involved with these sites (this is also a ‘fortunately’ because these charities that are listed are raising a great amount of money!)

But I thought these ideas could be put to use in my own way. I would like to set up a challenge to you (and to me).

Are you up for the Challenge?!


  • Care to challenge me to something?
  • I may win. I may lose. But I am up for the challenge!
  • Be as creative as you like with your challenges.
  • Challenges can literally be anything! Hold my breath? Do a certain amount of pushups? Write a poem? A math problem? (ok, please don’t choose that one!)
  • Send me your challenge via Facebook, post a comment to this blog or write to me at
  • I will post your challenge on my blog, your donation wager amount and will write about the completion of the challenge (Kelso will be my witness for completion – he’s in compliance – I promise it will be by the book!)
  • If I complete the challenge successfully – YOU DONATE. If I lose the challenge – I DONATE


  • This donation challenge is for all of my runner, walker, biker friends out there. I have many of you!
  • For every km or mile you walk, run or bike in a week – please donate $1. (i.e. if you walk/run 10 kms – please donate $10)
  • If you would like to give more – then up your challenge goals.
  • Tell me about your goal and your donation via Facebook, post a comment to this blog or write to me at so we can celebrate your donation and also your achievement of completing the challenge.
  • Don’t walk, run or ride? Take classes instead? No problem! For every class you take, donate $1 for every 5 mins of the class (Take a bootcamp class for 60 mins? Donate $12 for that session)
Together - we CAN do it!

Together – we CAN do it!

I look forward to these challenges and will keep you updated on what I complete in a week too.


My first donation will be for my “Take Action Challenge”. For every fitness class I take this week, I will donate $1 for every 5 mins of class. It will look like this:

  • Monday – 1 hour bootcamp = $12
  • Tuesday – 1 hour boxing class = $12
  • Wednesday – 1 hour boxing PT session = $12
  • Friday – 1 hour bootcamp = $12
  • Saturday – 1 hour boxing class = $12

This week’s donation will be $60!

Do your part - challenge me or challenge yourself!

Do your part – challenge me or challenge yourself!

Where to donate?

Please go to

Please click on the ‘Donate Now’ Button

It is important that you make it clear that your donation is for the CIS Teachers House Building Trip to ensure that the funds are directed appropriately. (Our team leader is “Donna Jackson”)

And let the CONSTRUCTION begin!

Let me tell you about a special guy I just met yesterday named Will.

Will’s older sister, Emily, is a Grade 8 student in my homeroom and last week their family travelled to Cambodia for the very first time. Will came to see me yesterday. He’s in Grade 4 (maybe Grade 5 – I forget!). We have never met before. But he felt compelled to come and find me to speak to me about his experience in Cambodia because his older sister told him about my experience raising money through the boxing.

I was running late for my yard duty, but this was one of the most important conversations I had that day (and possibly all week, or all year or for the last year too). Will was inspired to do something to help others and that is worth every moment in the world. He wanted to talk about ways that he might be able to help out. I knew just how he felt. Sometimes you just need to take a look around the world and try to understand people from THEIR experience. It’s not always easy because the life we live might be so very different. But Will noticed this, and recognized how lucky he is in his own life, and decided that he wanted to give back.

I’m impressed. It took me a long, long time to become that aware of what is going on in the world around me. But when it hits you, it hits you like lightning.

I told Will about my next goals. During my parents visit over to see me, we are going to be travelling to Cambodia to give back. This has been an experience that I have wanted to share with my own parents since I first visited Cambodia 9 years ago. That trip left a lasting impression on me too. Will, I can totally relate.

During our trip together, my parents and I (along with a group of fantastic teachers from the Canadian International School and also my darling hubby, Kelso) will be headed to Phnom Penh to donate clothing and other goods to the People Improvement Organization (PIO), the New Hope for Cambodian Children (NHCC) AIDS Orphanage and also building 16 houses through the Tabitha Foundation for people who have barely a roof over their own heads. (You can read all about these organizations by clicking on the heading at the top of the page titled “Charities That I Support”)

The PIO kids sporting their new football jerseys we donated a couple of years ago.

The PIO kids sporting their new football jerseys we donated a couple of years ago.

We are working to raise $25,000 USD to be able to build the houses (they cost $1,100 USD per house to build) and also to be able to donate to these other fantastic organizations as well. It will be an experience of a lifetime. And I know, like Will, this trip to Cambodia will leave a lasting impression on my parents and I am excited to share in this experience with them.

The before and after shot of a family's home.

The before and after shot of a family’s home.

Please help us to raise the money to be able to make a difference.


Please donate at

Please click on the DONATE NOW button

* It is important that you make it clear that your donation is for the CIS Teachers House Build Trip. The trip is organized by our team leader, “Donna Jackson” and her name will also appear on the screen *


Help us to help those who need it.

You can help to bring a smile to a Cambodian child's face.

You can help to bring a smile to a Cambodian child’s face.

Eye of the Tiger

Well I am back from the jungles of Northern Thailand. The teachers have survived giant spiders the size of my hand in my bathroom at 5:00am, a snake in another teacher’s bathroom (thank god that didn’t happen to me!!!), teenage love triangles and gossip, sicknesses of our young cherubs we were looking after, and a rather uncomfortable bed/floor mattress for a week. No tigers were spotted on the trip but we did get up close to a Gibbon monkey family at one point which was pretty amazing. However, I think I would have preferred another 6 minutes in the ring with “The Hammer” though 🙂 I am happy to be back and my body has finally told me to slow down. Thanks to the not-so-nice ear & throat infection I have acquired, I have been forced to listen to my body this weekend and have taken the time to rest up.

I did get a chance to see the whole boxing match since I have been home (thanks to Apple TV I was able to watch it on the big screen in my living room which was pretty cool). I was very nervous to watch it from start to finish. My perspective of the night was a bit of a blur and I knew that a lot of the training and practicing that Rey and I had done kind of went out the window as soon as that bell went and Jemma started to attack. I happens I guess, but I have apologized to Rey 🙂 But here it is in full: our entrances, our training bios and the full fight itself. Check out Jemma and I showing our version of the eye of the tiger here:

It has been great to be home again and by looking around, I need to spend some time getting caught up on my regular life and getting things back to normal. As one of the guys put it, he felt deflated after the fight and asked who wanted to climb Everest. 🙂 I think he was joking? But with a group of determined individuals like our squad is, you never quite know.

Some of the next things on my agenda is to get caught up at work and at home, work through all the back-piled emails and get my thank yous out to everyone who donated and supported me over the last few months, start getting my summer plans in order and book my flight home for the holidays, etc. I think there are only 8 weeks left of the school year and I know that time will just fly by.

I have had a lot of people ask about the blog and what will happen to it because they have enjoyed reading it. And I think that I will keep it going to fill people in on what is happening with me over here in Singapore and it has definitely acted as a bit of therapy to my sometimes crazy, busy lifestyle. I hope that you all keep reading along on my Asian & Canadian Adventures in the future – though I can’t promise the excitement of all that lead up to the big event. But I am sure I will find something worth writing about 🙂

Thanks again to everyone for their support and kind words! And I promise to thank you all individually for your support – it may take me a little while to get to everyone but it’s coming!!

Happy Sunday and I will see you at the gym tomorrow Rey!

Hello? Is it me you’re looking for? (and the videos you are looking for?)

Sorry you haven’t heard from me for a few days. I haven’t had internet access and have been on-call working since 4:00am Monday morning. I am currently in Chiang Mai, Thailand with approximately 85 Grade 8 students from my school. The trip has been great but extremely tiring as days are not only filled with fantastic activities, but also a ton of hormonal teenage Drama (and quite frankly enough to last me a lifetime!) 🙂 I do not miss those years at all (though sometimes Kelso may argue that I act like a teenager at times!!)

Otherwise, I have been rock climbing, abseiling, zip wiring, doing a homestay in a village, mountain biking and I’m off today to do kayaking and orienteering. Not a bad way to spend my week. I have fully recovered from the pummelling that Jemma gave me in the ring on Saturday. It took a few days for my neck to recover from a bit of whiplash from her punches but all seems to be back in order and I am already planning on my next session back at the gym when I return.

But, I do apologize for being MIA during this time. There isn’t a lot of “free time” to be able to write and post, but I have finally gotten some footage that I think you will enjoy. So without further adieu, iFS White Collar Boxing event footage is upon us! Enjoy!!

Opening Training Video

An Overview of the Night – filmed by my friend Greg Dixon

(Greg made this video to share with our school community so that is why it features me prominently. Just to be clear – our squad raised the $60,000 USD not me by myself!)

46634_10151533344078950_1429838976_n 305745_10151603428205170_708769605_n 431870_10151533343678950_345712526_n

My full fight video should be coming out either today or tomorrow as well so I will be sure to post when I have access to it!

Thank you again for all of your support everyone! More to come as and when I have internet again.  🙂

The Rumble in the Singapore Jungle

It’s hard to believe it’s all over.

4 months of training and 4 months of fundraising all summed up in one awesome night.

Jemma “The Hammer” Hooykaas truly stood up to her name. She was one fierce female who wasn’t giving up for anything or anyone. Guts, determination and a crazy strong jab made her one heck of a competitor. I was so impressed with her and her boxing. She was an all-star.

I had a fantastic cheering squad worldwide supporting me during the fight and I could feel all of their support as I stood backstage ready to make my entrance. Now, many of you may know, I do like to make an entrance. 🙂 I had my amazing fly girls with me making sure that everyone watching knew who runs the world… GIRLS!

My sister sent me this video of my family back home, watching the fight via a live stream that I set up over my iPad. I loved seeing my family getting involved and enjoying the fight with me. I wish that they could have been there in Singapore ringside to enjoy it firsthand, but it was a close second to the real thing. Check them out cheering here when they announced the winner!

After the fight – Jemma and I were both so happy with what we had accomplished in the ring. We ended our fight with a big hug and walked down the catwalk back into the backstage area together. We chatted about the fight and congratulated each other on a great effort on our walk backstage to the dressing room. And then we had a beer. 🙂

I showered up and came out to say hi to everyone who came to support me. What a buzz!!! Everyone was so excited and it felt so great to hear all the congratulatory words and feel the hugs from all of my friends. Thank you again to everyone who came to support. It was awesome to have such a great cheering squad!!!

The rest of the night was a party and a half. We watched the rest of the matches and then went upstairs to the New Asia Bar located on the 78th floor of the hotel and has amazing views of Singapore. No better place to celebrate a great night! We enjoyed a few wobbly pops and danced the night away until the very wee hours of the morning. Fantastic!!

So… who won?

In the red corner… Keriann “K.O” O’Rourke!!!

Videos and photos to come soon! I’m departing for Chiang Mai, Thailand in the early morning for a week long excursion trip with over 100 Grade 8 students, so I won’t have too much of a chance to post as much as I would like but I hope to keep you updated as much as possible this week.

Thank you again to everyone for the amazing support! It has been an AMAZING experience and I am so proud of our fundraising and all the boxers who stepped into the ring last night all in the name of a good cause. Fantastic effort. 🙂

Days 99 & 100 – Like Father, Like Daughter

For the past few days I have been working to get things arranged so that my parents can watch the fight *live* on Saturday night (Canadian Saturday morning). During all of this, I have ran into a few road blocks (i.e. the event venue treating the wifi password like it was the secret codes to the pentagon, while having to “test-drive” a few options of how to make this possible over 3G). I think that I have worked something out, but along with some of these things happening on my end I have also had my father on the other end of the technology trying to get this to all go through his “Smart” TV (which he is currently calling his “Dumb” TV).

To get this all working, we have been texting and skyping and using many different forms of technology to communicate with my family back home. At one point, I was on Skype and could hear and see my father perfectly, and he could see me, but he couldn’t hear me. So I was writing notes and holding them up to my screen and my father was talking to me (and also to himself when he was kind of losing it and saying some very unpleasant words at his TV). Which was completely hilarious to see his frustration unfold over the wonders of the internet.

However, last night I went to do a post on my blog and technology was NOT working in MY favour…. and then I did exactly what I watched my father do that very morning. I swore at my computer, threatened to throw it across the room and then kept muttering about it under my breath while Kelso watched me out the corner of his eye in bed beside me. It’s not so funny when it is happening to you.

And I came to the realisation – I have turned into my parents. 🙂

However, we have prevailed and now it’s up and running and all is right in the world again (well, my world at least). So this is what I wanted to post last night before my computer decided that it didn’t want to cooperate.

Shout Out to Southwestern Ontario!

Over the past few weeks, I have done 2 radio interviews that have aired on radio stations back home. I’ve gotten messages from people telling me that they heard me on the radio too which is pretty fun. Here in Singapore I would be called an “Artiste” with all the media coverage I have been getting. It is pretty fun to hear and I am so happy to get the message out there to everyone.

I am still working on how to get the clips into my FB page, but myFM radio has also posted them online through this link:

And, Kate Dubinski from the London Free Press, has also written an article about me and the upcoming fight. You can read the article here:

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 8.15.29 AM


*sidenote* I found out that Kate’s husband is best friends with a couple who I am good friends with here in Singapore! Small world!! 🙂

All this coverage has been wonderful and I am thankful to everyone who is showing their support to this little Huron County gal tomorrow night.

I know in my heart that everyone is cheering me on and I will post the fights as soon as possible after it is all over – and post the results of whether I win or lose here as quickly as possible too. Thank you to everyone who has shown their support for me in both my fundraising and my boxing. It has been a wonderful experience and many continue to do so by donating in my name at

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t say it enough! 🙂