Jet lag? What jet lag?

It’s like they have been here for weeks. G & P have really settled into life in Singapore (and the time zone) like they have been here forever. I’m seriously impressed. I struggle so much with jet lag sometimes, but they have really pushed through and I think that after today their internal clocks must be on our SE Asia time zone. Well done!

They had a busy, busy day today. They were up bright and early by the time I departed for work in the morning and spent the early morning catching up on emails etc before venturing out to the Gardens By the Bay. It was a bit of a rainy day in Singapore so they spent most of the time in the two indoor domes that are there. The Flower Dome replicates the cool-dry climate of Mediterranean regions like South Africa, California and parts of Spain and Italy. The Cloud Forest dome that is host of the cool-moist climate that showcases plants that you would find on a tropical mountainside. They said that they really enjoyed the Gardens and ate a wonderful lunch at the bistro at the Gardens – “Pollen” (albeit an expensive one with a Tiger beer for $18!!!)

02 Gardens by the Bay, Bay South [Singapore] (Large)

From there, they crossed over to the Arts and Science Museum to check out the National Geographic 50 Greatest Photographs  exhibit. They said that they really enjoyed this exhibit and it was interesting to see the various photos – many of which they recognized and remembered seeing as it came across the covers of the magazine over the years. (The Arts and Science Museum is the white “lotus-shaped” building in the foreground of this picture.)

So – they have been to Singapore for just over 24 hours and already they have been to 2 places I have yet to visit! I’m going to have to get out and start sightseeing in my own home more often it seems.

From there, they came out to the school to join us for a last BBQ Fundraiser for the trip to Cambodia. This was a great opportunity for them to meet my friends, colleagues and fellow builders while enjoying a few drinks and some food. We spent a couple of hours just hanging out and meeting people and I also gave them a little tour of the school. I sometimes forget what a giant place our school is in comparison to what schools look like back home. It is a pretty amazing campus.


From there, we came home to drop the car and for me to pick up some of my medication so I could head back to the doctor for some new medicine. I needed an upgrade and hopefully the higher dosage of drugs will help me to kick this ear infection before Sunday’s flight. I am really worried that flying is going to be very painful and have read online (probably not always a great idea to refer to my online “specialists”) that it can cause further complications like vertigo, ringing in the ears and worse, hearing loss! It is time to get rid of this thing and I am running out of time to do it! Fingers crossed this cocktail of drugs will do the trick.

After a quick stop in to see the doctor (at 9pm and my visit took a total of 15 or so minutes – my parents were impressed!) we walked around Holland Village and found a place to sit down and have a bit of food. It was nice and relaxed and Kelso also joined us too.

A fantastic end to a fantastic first full day in Singapore! Way to kick jet lag in the butt, Mom and Dad!


About K.O.

I am a middle school Drama specialist and boxing enthusiast. I love to spend time with friends and family in Singapore and Canada, travelling, watching movies and then writing about my experiences here.

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