Weekend Fabulousness and Phnom Penh Plans

This weekend was fantastic. You know, the start to finish, awesome kind of weekend. Friday was a nice and relaxed evening with my hubby. Saturday, I hosted what may be the first-ever Boxing Baby Shower for my boxing coach, Rey and his wife Hazel and ate tons of delicious food made by my friend Nora and her good friend Emma.

Sunday, I hosted the first-ever Bootcamp in the Botanics Fundraiser that raised over $1000 (thanks to an EXTREMELY generous donation of 100% of the bootcamp fees from all the trainers at LEVEL Fitness!!!) Amazing stuff and it was great to have such wonderful weather and an amazing turn-out.

Bootcampers before the Workout started

Bootcampers before the Workout started

And then on Sunday evening, we celebrated Thanksgiving a week early with the Canadian Association of Singapore and enjoyed a fab turkey dinner with all of our friends.

It’s been a great weekend indeed!

Now that the weekend has passed, it’s time to really start preparing for my parents arrival. There are many things on my ‘to do’ list before they get here on Thursday. Unfortunately, I am now sick with a nasty chest cold and middle ear infection! Ain’t nobody got time for that!! But I will have to take some time to rest and get better before their arrival. Fingers crossed that I’ll be back on track in no time.

But before I rest, I need to fill you in on the rest of our Cambodia plans.

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We will be arriving on the Tuesday evening from Siem Reap and heading straight to our hotel. During our 5 day stay in Phnom Penh we will be staying at the White Mansion Boutique Hotel. Again, I haven’t stayed here before, but this time the recommendation came from a friend of mine and she had many wonderful things to say. Very excited about our stay.

We’ll maybe go out for dinner or may just hang out at the hotel that evening. The next morning we’ll be heading off to some of my favourite places in Phnom Penh. A bit of shopping, eating and seeing the city is scheduled for this day. First stop – my favourite dress shop, Ambre. I love this shop and it is always my first stop. I hope that my mom finds some beautiful items as well to take home with her and I hope my dad has a bit of patience to wait for our shopping for an hour or so! 🙂

From there we will be heading to the Tabitha office for a briefing of our build with founder, and fellow Canadian, Janne Ritskes. This is a really important part of the house build as she gives everyone lots of information on the history, customs and what we need to remember while we are meeting people that have different cultural understandings than our own. Tabitha also has a wonderful silk shop where everything is hand made. Again – a little shopping is in order! We’ll follow up the day with some pool time, wandering around, sightseeing in the city and then meet up with my friends who arrived into Phnom Penh a few days prior to us for dinner and drinks.

Our next day will be much different than the day before as we will be learning a lot about the history of Cambodia and the genocide. We will be visiting Tuol Seng Genocide Museum – also known as S-21. Tuol Sleng was a former high school before the rise of the Khmer Rouge and was turned into an execution centre/prison. It was only one of at least 150 execution centres in the country, and as many as 20,000 prisoners there were killed there. From there, we will continue to learn about the genocide by visiting the notorious Killing Fields. This day will be sombre but it is extremely important to truly understand what happened in Cambodia during this time and to learn about their experiences as people of this country at that time. By understanding, we can see just how far Cambodia has come, appreciate all the work that has been done to help raise Cambodia back to the place where it once was.

Our next day will include a visit to the People Improvement Organization (PIO). I have been visiting and working with this organization for the past nine years and Kelso and I both sponsor a child each to live in the orphanage and attend school. I love this organization and all the students are so very excited to see you, practice their English skills and get to know more about you. I know that they will love to see that I have brought my parents with me – to see what they look like and how similar (or dissimilar) we may look. We are taking the kids from the orphanage on a special excursion to the water park. I know that they will absolutely love the afternoon out doing something special. That day Kelso will also arrive in the evening. It will be great to have him in Phnom Penh with us and I am sure we will celebrate his arrival with a few drinks and dinner out somewhere.

The next day will be our build day. We will be driving a few hours out of Phnom Penh to the build site and we will be building all 16 houses in one day. This will be an amazing experience for all of us and I am really looking forward to sharing in this with my parents and friends. That evening, we are usually pretty knackered, but there is always time for a little dinner and drinks to celebrate a great day.

We will then be heading back to Singapore the following afternoon. But I am sure we will try to fit in any last sights or stops before heading to the airport.

There will be lots and lots to write about and I am hoping that my parents will take a few moments to ‘guest blog’ on here to give their perspective on the trip. I am sure that they will have quite a bit to talk about and I look forward to learning how they feel, react and to watch them fall in love with Cambodia too.


About K.O.

I am a middle school Drama specialist and boxing enthusiast. I love to spend time with friends and family in Singapore and Canada, travelling, watching movies and then writing about my experiences here.

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  1. I was do hoping for a restaurant recommendation for that paella it looks great!

  2. Good luck with the house building! Sounds like you should have lots of fun with your mom and dad! Have a great time! XO

  3. Get well soon keriann and good luck on your trip to Cambodia, enjoy have lots of fun with your family..take care !;))) xoxo

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