Excited? You betcha!

I’m excited for a few things at the moment…. it’s a good feeling and a helluva way to wake up on a Saturday.

Cocktails for Cambodia – tonight is the night! This is one of the best fundraisers that we host every year in preparation for the House Build. It’s an amazingly easy fundraiser to run… it practically runs itself! The concept is this:

– people donate booze to the event. Friends look through their cupboards and donate what they have. We’ll take a half opened bottle of rum or a brand new one. Whatever people want to spare.

– from that, we make amazing drink concoctions and serve a new cocktail every half hour of the party. This year, because there are so many people joining for the build there will be 2 different drink choices every half hour. As you can imagine, people get silly very fast.

– Guests pay $50 for a ticket to get into the party and that includes free flow drinks and food from 7:00-11:00pm. This is literally the best food and drinks deal in all of Singapore.

Massage – we finally got paid so I’m getting a massage. It was great (and also painful at the same time) but it was much needed.

Early Morning Boxing Session – up and at ’em and finished. Have had a little ailment these past few days but got the go ahead from the Dr I could do exercise so I was back in the gym first thing today.

Mom and Dad Arrive in 13 Days! This is the part that I am really excited for. We’ve got a full schedule of events and we don’t want to miss a thing. First stop is Singapore! They are arriving in around noon on Thursday and will be picked up and whisked away to our condo (fingers crossed the guy picking them up isn’t a ding dong and actually drops them off at our place!)

The sunrise view from the balcony at Chez O'Beggs

The sunrise view from the balcony at Chez O’Beggs

They can then get showered up and grab a coffee from Starbucks just below us and chill out until I get home from work. They want to come to the gym to meet Rey and see one of my training sessions and this is the only day that we can do that because the school has made a wonderful mandatory PD day for teachers on first Saturday of our holidays. (thanks) From there, we will meet up with cousin Katelyn, a few friends and husband Kelso for dinner. 🙂

On Friday, both Kelso and I will be at work so the ‘rents will be entertaining themselves this day. Depending on their state of jet lag, I may send them off to check out Gardens by the Bay . This is an amazing outdoor and indoor display of flora and fauna. Literally one of the world’s best!

After a great morning/afternoon of sightseeing, they will head on the MRT to come and meet me at school. At the end of the day we are planning to hold one last fundraiser post PD day (beers and BBQ) for one more last ditch effort to raise some fast cash for Cambodia. We will do that for a couple of hours and then head out somewhere for our own beers and food.

On the Saturday, I will be at work all day so Kelso and my parents can hang out. Maybe a little bit o’ brunch in Holland Village (a great little eat street and shopping area only one MRT stop away from our house)

shopping_hollandNot sure what they will do with the rest of the day, maybe Orchard Road, maybe head down to Chinatown or Little India (two great places to hunt around in shops and to check out the vibrancy of some of the different cultures in Singapore). I am assuming that Kelso will have a football game too so maybe that will be a good time for them to head home for a little rest. I will meet up with them as soon as I am done work and our evening will most likely involve a number of beers and sitting down on a patio somewhere possibly down in Boat Quay area.

Then on the Sunday, we depart for Cambodia…. more to come about this part of their adventure soon! It’s already a packed first few days in Singapore! I can’t wait to have them here. Hurry up 13 days!!


About K.O.

I am a middle school Drama specialist and boxing enthusiast. I love to spend time with friends and family in Singapore and Canada, travelling, watching movies and then writing about my experiences here.

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