Body Break!

If you lived in Canada in the 80’s/90’s you know exactly what this title is referencing (or maybe this is only an Ontario thing???)

For those non-Canucks, Hal Johnson and Joanne McLeod kept us fit and fabulous throughout those years with their suggestions of ways to take us off the sofa and into action. To me, at the time, their messages were more funny than something I actually  listened to at that age. Ok, well – they are still funny, obviously. But now I see their point. And now I have also decided on this year’s Halloween costumes for Kelso and I after surfing a bit looking at videos and pictures of Body Breakers, Hal and Joanne.

Coordinated track suits are a MUST!

Coordinated track suits are a MUST!

Shiney Lycra! My fave!

Shiney Lycra! My fave!

But not only were they known for their amazing wordrobes but I am sure that everyone can remember the slogan. “Keep Fit and Have Fun” as brought to us by the ParticipACTION campaign. Catchy Slogan indeed. Marketing Genius.

I myself have been working on my own ParticipACTION. As mentioned in my last blog, I have taken on the challenge of donating $1 for every 5 mins of exercise I am doing each week. So far so good… I’ve completed 2 hours of exercise so that means I will be donating $24 so far to the cause. This week’s goal is to do enough exercise to donate $60. Exercising for charity? Feels even better.

My friend, Chris White, has also working on the “Take Action Challenge”. He is running the North Face 50km Race on October 5th and will be donating $1 for every kilometre he runs. This is seriously amazing. I struggle to run 5K on any given day so I actually can’t imagine running 50!!! He’s doing some great stuff for his own training and he ran 25.58km last week and will be pledging that in dollar-form as well. Thanks so much Chris and congrats on all that you have done so far!!

(if you want to see what 50km in a Singapore running trail looks like – check out the map of the race here Holy Guacamole!)

And now there is another way that you can “Keep Fit and Have Fun” while also helping a cause. On Sunday October 6th, I am organizing a Bootcamp in the Botanics Fundraiser and Picnic Breakfast, in partnership with LEVEL Fitness. This fantastic initiative combines fitness and fundraising and is a chance for people to experience what LEVEL has to offer. First – a Bootcamp fitness session and then a post-workout Picnic Breakfast for all.

Bootcamps run by LEVEL are fantastic (I have been attending sessions for the last three Monday evenings at ‘Speaker’s Corner’ and love them).

REGISTER TODAY! Check out the online registration form below (you can fill it in directly from my blog!)


So, until next time….


Canadians - I dare you not to sing the jingle...

Canadians – I dare you not to sing the jingle…


About K.O.

I am a middle school Drama specialist and boxing enthusiast. I love to spend time with friends and family in Singapore and Canada, travelling, watching movies and then writing about my experiences here.

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  1. Kelso better sart working on his moustache and a nice deep tan! Lol

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