Canadian Summer Bucket List

Who doesn’t love a long weekend? That’s right – EVERYONE loves one.

From reading all my Canuck friends and family’s facebook posts over the weekend it looks like it was a pretty fantastic May 2-4 weekend (though it doesn’t make sense for it to be called May 2-4 when it isn’t celebrated on the weekend of the 24th, but I guess it’s it is actually called “Victoria Day”). 🙂

Seeing all of those fantastic photos of people at the beach, with fireworks and campfires and camping has again made me crave a bit of Candiana. I can’t wait to get home and see everyone and do everything Canadian I can fit in to one summer holiday. Many people ask me about the things that I miss most about Canada, so I thought I would give you a little list of my most-missed experiences that one can only get in Canada.

Starting at #12 (I had to add a couple more than a regular Top 10!) and working my way to my most missed items… Keriann’s Canadian Summer Bucket List.

12.  BBQ hotdogs. It’s sick, I know. But I love Schneiders Red Hots hotdogs. They are the cheapest and sketchiest, but there is something about them that remind me of summers and childhood and home. I love them.


11. Lululemon Athletica. I love Lululemon. Yes there are places to buy this in Singapore but the clothing is crazy expensive and they don’t have all the choices like a real Lululemon store has in Canada. I can’t wait to go shopping for some new gym gear. Guilty pleasure indeed.


10. Farmer’s Markets – I love all the homemade pies, pickles and preserves you can buy. The produce is so fresh and delicious and all the homemade food items are like getting a taste of everyone’s grandmother’s kitchen. So GOOD!!!


9. Daylight – Yes I realize that there is daylight in Singapore, but when it is summer in Canada the days last forever! The longest day of the summer and the sun sets around 9:00-9:30pm! I love how long the days last and the sunsets along the shores of Lake Huron are amazing.

Sunsets in Grand Bend are the best!

Sunsets in Grand Bend are the best!

8. Red Lobster’s Ultimate Feast – I need to go at least one time per trip home. The Ultimate Feast is always ordered and an afternoon of fasting always precedes the restaurant experience. Slow and steady wins the race because I like to take all the seafood out of the shells before even starting to eat. Everything must be drenched in the butter bowl for dipping. I know there is far fresher and better seafood out there (and right here in Asia) but you never have it served with the butter bowl. It is essential. Not to mention the unlimited biscuits and caesar salad….


7. A Day at the Beach – I love going in to Grand Bend, Bayfield or Goderich for the afternoon and packing a cooler with picnic food and drinks. The water is freezing (in comparison to the waters around Singapore and SE Asia) but the smell of the fresh water beach is unreal. I wish I could bottle it and spray it around my house. I love it.

A regular day at the beach in GB!

A regular day at the beach in GB!

6. Jerry Rader’s Potato Salad – I could eat a huge container of this by myself. I sometimes eat it for breakfast. I love it! Obsessed. Even better when paired with a side of fresh sliced tomatoes sprinkled with salt and pepper. Unreal.


5. Toasted Marshmallows on the campfire. Must be toasted to perfection over hot coals (no flames, just the coals). And of course you have to make a few ‘smores with those marshmallows as well.

My niece demonstrating how messy toasted marshmallows really are.

My niece demonstrating how messy toasted marshmallows really are.

4. Starlite Drive-In Movies – Not everyone has an old school drive-in movie theatre a 3 minute drive from their house. This is a classic summer experience. You have to wait until it gets dark enough for the movie to even start and have to “tune in” to the movie through your radio. It’s essential to arrive early enough to get a good parking spot. And a new and updated improvement is to bring my parent’s “gravity chairs” to sit in bundled up to enjoy the films. It’s awesome.


3. Caesars. These drinks are an essential part of my summers. I have tried time and time again to recreate an amazing Caesar in Singapore and I have all the essential ingredients to be able to do so… it’s just not the same.


2. Peaches and Cream Sweetcorn (must be eaten on the cob with lots of butter and salt). It is just the best – there is nothing the same anywhere I have been and I have tried to find it in MANY countries. However, there is nothing like picking it up freshly hand-picked that day from a homemade stand on the side of the road, husking the corn out at the edge of the field and then eating about 10 cobs of corn for dinner. Good for the digestive system too 🙂 I’ve even brought back a few cobs of corn with me to Singapore last summer to try to have one last meal – sadly I think the flight ruins the taste but even then they were better than the corn you can buy here. Mouth watering.


1. Obviously my most missed part of Canada is my FAMILY and FRIENDS! I can’t wait to see you all!


*Disclaimer* Yes I am completely aware that a large portion of this list is unhealthy food intake… guess I am going to have to hit the gym before getting on that plane in just over 1 month!


About K.O.

I am a middle school Drama specialist and boxing enthusiast. I love to spend time with friends and family in Singapore and Canada, travelling, watching movies and then writing about my experiences here.

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  1. Spitz Sunflower Seeds, dill pickle flavour please!

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