“May Weather” vs. “Mayweather”

Tomato. Tomato? Potato, Potato?

ok that saying doesn’t work when you actually just write it in words out but you get the drift…

May is upon us and it is so great to hear that spring has sprung and jumped straight into summer back home in Canada. But all of the lovely status updates on Facebook from my friends means that I am itching to get outta Singapore and back to good ol’ Canadian soil pretty soon. Much to do before that happens though (probably booking an actual flight would be a step in the right direction). But I am definitely looking forward to it! Canadian summers are on the brain and it’s hard to focus on “the now”


One thing that I need to get completed this week is responding to all of the emails that were sent to me before and after the fight. I had about 60-70 of them in total and I want to be sure that I send a message back. No matter how long it takes me to get to them all. They are there and definitely not forgotten, but have just been pushed onto the back burner until I could get some things for work completed. I also have about 125 more thank you cards to write this weekend too. I always love to write them and I know how much I love getting something in the mail and a good ol’ fashioned thank you card is sometimes becoming more and more rare to receive these days. Now, I do realize I sound like a wise old grandmother talking about the good ol’ days, but I do think it is important to take the time to do this. The “thank you” is just as powerful as the support that was given in the first place.

So along with the May weather playing with my brain and not assisting me in any way to get all my tasks completed, Rey is also messing with my brain during training. Now that we don’t have to work on “our battle plan” we can actually do the fun things that come with boxing. So, our new goal is to train my brain to do some of the combination training that Floyd “Money” Mayweather does.

Now, Mayweather is a real jerk in my opinion (ok I have other words I would prefer to use, but I want to keep this blog clean). And after watching his fight this weekend I unfortunately have to admit that he is a pretty phenomenal boxer even if he probably deserves a punch in the junk. I told Rey that the only reason that I struggle to complete the 9 punch combinations that he is teaching me is because my inner-self is in conflict with wanting to do the combinations because of my disdain for that man. Obviously, it has nothing to do with me being crap at it… that’s just silly talk. 🙂

Wasting colossal amounts of money while people are starving in his country... well done.

Wasting colossal amounts of money while people are homeless in his country… well done.

Choking out a competitor...  displaying horrible sportsmanship.

Choking out a competitor… displaying horrible sportsmanship.

The best photo of him I have seen yet... going to jail for domestic violence charges

The best photo of him I have seen yet… going to jail for domestic violence charges

So – rather than focusing on the d-bag version of May(weather), I would far rather think about the amazing May weather in Canada that will eventually lead to June weather and my arrival back on Canuck soil. There is nothing better than that!

Bring on the summer!!

(as I sit at my desk during student-led conferences… May’s weather has definitely gotten the best of this Canuck!)


About K.O.

I am a middle school Drama specialist and boxing enthusiast. I love to spend time with friends and family in Singapore and Canada, travelling, watching movies and then writing about my experiences here.

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  1. Mary MacGregor

    Keriann – you have phenominal powers of concentration(clearly) so don’t beat yourself up with that. Don’t forget that d-bag has nothing else to concentrate on except beating up his family – you have a career and family outside of boxing!
    We’re so looking forward to seeing both you and Kelso when you come home this summer. It will be here before we know it. Take care.
    Auntie Mary

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