Days 90-92 – Sleep Deprivation and Ginseng Overdose

Well it certainly has been a busy few days. We have had all of our fundraising events running back-to-back since Sunday! Thus the reason why I haven’t been posting for a couple of days. I just ran out of time in the day. Here is a summary!

SUNDAY – Clothes Swap for Cambodia

This event was absolutely fantastic and we raised over $2,000 from the event. At $2 per clothing item – that’s A LOT of clothes! We had loads of people who came down to join us at Fandango’s. We have gotten really positive responses from everyone and requests to run another one already… maybe sometime, but we need some rest first! 🙂 Here was my day in a nutshell.

  • 6:30am – up and at ’em and off to school to work on setting up the Book Fair,
  • 10:00am – back for a quick shower and change before the girls came to my place to pick up clothes
  • 11:00am – depart for Fandango’s and unload the car
  • 12:10pm – back car into a post and crunch my taillight and bumper (well done Keriann! Not too bad damage on the outside but the beeping noise that happens when you back up is now messed up and it now produces the most ear piercing noise. Instead of beeps, it now holds on a single horrible straight note until you finish backing up. This needs to get fixed immediately!!!)
  • 12:10-2:00 – create a whole store in Fandangos. Amazing that all this was accomplished in such a short amount of time!
  • 6:00pm – start clean up
  • 7:30/8:00pm – depart Fandango’s and head for home
  • 9:00pm – start marking seven 40-page Personal Project papers (I thought I would have time to do this but the book fair prep really took much longer than I anticipated!)
  • 10:00pm – fall asleep on the papers and admit defeat

MONDAY – Book Fair Starts

This was another nutty day! But well worth the nuttiness!

  • 4:45am – wake up and head to school to complete marking those papers and complete set up for the book fair
  • 7:45am – first book fair customer! yay!
  • 8:30am – work day starts
  • lunch – sell more books at the fair
  • back to work sessions in the afternoon
  • sell more books after work and set up more books to sell
  • 4:45pm – head to the gym for a PT session with Rey
  • work from home, Skype husband in Hong Kong, do some more work to get ready for the Weigh-In the following day and head to bed around 11pm

TUESDAY – Weigh-In event

The big event! Libby did a great job getting things organized this day – from t-shirts for the boxers, to gathering a PA system to use, to all the other bits and bobs of organizing. We couldn’t have done the event without her amazingness!

  • 5:45 – wake up
  • 7:15am – arrive to work and get things set up for the book fair – try to get more books prepared and ready to sell, and also get things ready for a day of teaching
  • Morning recess – so many visitors and books sold! Great start to the fair
  • Lunch – even better turn out
  • After School – lots of parents and students came to purchase books! Amazing! Also the Leadership Club brought lots of helpers and they helped me reorganize all the books. It looks fantastic now. Thank you!
  • 5:15pm – pack the car and depart for the Weigh-In
  • Let the fun and fundraising begin!
  • Raised well over $7,000 from the event! Well done squad and a special thanks to Paul Summers and his mates from work who ran the Horserace Auction Sweepstakes. A massive success!!!
  • Midnight – after counting up the money and locking it up – I head to bed finally. So. tired.

WEDNESDAY – Book Fair Continues and a bit of normalcy

Things are getting back to normal now. The book fair is doing really well and practically runs itself these days (with a little help from some of my students!)

  • 5:45am – seriously struggle to get out of bed
  • 7:20am – arrive to school – get some work done for the students and try to reorganize my desk which has become a pit for anything and everything (the clutter is driving me crazy!!!)
  • Morning Recess – amazing turnout from students to the book fair! I love to see so many kids excited about reading and recognizing what a deal the books are 🙂
  • Lunch – it was packed in the book fair! My friend, Nadia brought her class down to check it out as well as lots of other kids from Elementary and Middle School divisions
  • After school – Loads of parents and students at the fair again. I love to see and hear people talk about how much they are enjoying the fair. Thank you to all the CIS community for the support 🙂 I had to be at a meeting (2 places at once is my favorite place to be!) so a student stayed for a little while after school to be the cashier and did an amazing job. And only in Grade 5 – she ran the whole place! 🙂
  • 5:00pm – rushed off to the gym to do a PT session with Rey. I tried my best, but my body is very tired. I have tried to get some bursts of energy through my trusty Ginseng pills, but they are no replacement for good, ol’ fashioned sleep and rest.

So – that’s my plan for tonight… my bed has never looked so inviting

G’night!!! 🙂


About K.O.

I am a middle school Drama specialist and boxing enthusiast. I love to spend time with friends and family in Singapore and Canada, travelling, watching movies and then writing about my experiences here.

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