Days 70 & 71 – ‘Spanx’ Very Much

I’ve got so much support from all over the place, I feel like a pair of spanx! 🙂

*for the gentlemen out there who may not know…Spanx are the ‘not-so-flattering-to-actually-see’ style ladies undergarment you may have heard about, that has the ability to act as a miracle worker for us ladies when wearing a form fitting ensemble. A real life saver at times 🙂

From book and clothing donations, to people volunteering to help out at the Book Fair, for helping to proof read my website, to raffle ticket purchasing, to words of encouragement, to a friend offering to help me with sparring, to spreading the word… it is absolutely amazing to have all of this support to keep me together (and to help smooth out some of those parts of me that may feel a bit frazzled at times!)

Even with this tight-knit group of people all helping each other out, we are unfortunately, still running into a glitch with our Firstgiving Donation page. We truly appreciate everyone’s patience as we work with the company to fix the problem and I hope that this small issue doesn’t deter anyone from coming back and donating when it is working properly again. Thank you to everyone who has been trying to donate as well. I will keep you posted on the progress!

My spare bedroom is filling up with the raffle draw prize items – and our newest addition is the framed Manny Pacquiao signed boxing glove. Our donator, Matt Smalley, had the glove framed for the draw and it looks A-MAZ-ING! I wish I could win it!!!


You can check out all the fantastic raffle draw prizes at

So, from the bottom of my heart – thank you to everyone who is helping out with the initiatives I am working on. Any help big or small will all work together towards our final goal of kicking some butt when it comes to fundraising.

Spanx for the support 🙂



About K.O.

I am a middle school Drama specialist and boxing enthusiast. I love to spend time with friends and family in Singapore and Canada, travelling, watching movies and then writing about my experiences here.

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