Days 68 & 69 – Hey man, where’s my Oscar?

It has been a really busy weekend and it is only Sunday morning! So, I will give you a quick recap with what I have been up to before heading out to an equally busy Sunday/St. Patrick’s Day.


It was a busy day at work (as always). Everyone is trying to fit in all they can before next Friday when our March/April Break begins. I am very much looking forward to these holidays and am planning to use the time very wisely (for once) and train, catch up on things, prepare for the Book Fair and Clothes Swap, etc. A group of families from our school community are building houses in Cambodia for a day during the break and they don’t have anyone that is going with them who has done the build to show them the ropes. I may head down there for a couple of days to lend a hand, but that is still to be decided.

After school, I headed down to boxing early to go find Libby. She was camped out at a Starbucks in the Business district collecting drop offs of clothing from people who work in the area. When I found her she was surrounded by bags and bags of clothing donations! (I wish I had taken a photo!!) Thank you to everyone who has donated. We are looking forward to going through it all and preparing for the Clothes Swap event on April 7th.

Then I headed back to gym to start my session with Rey and have a bit of sparring that went well. Rey had me running sprints outside on the sidewalk at the end of my session which was pretty funny since 6:30pm on a Friday is a tad busy on the streets of Robinson Road. We managed it but there was a lot of dodging of people happening! I stuck around a little after my shower to help Libby as she came in to try a bit of sparring too. She ended up sparring one of the girls from the Vanda team and they both did really well. Libby later found out that the girl was literally a girl (16 years old!) and was worried that she had committed a human rights violation with this training. It was very funny and I mentioned to her that some teachers dream of such an opportunity. Just kidding! 🙂

After the gym I met Kelso on Orchard Road for a bit of shopping and dinner. I needed a blouse for the weekend’s photo/video shoot that we are doing for the promo work for our fight and for fight night. I was a speed shopper (I am sure Kelso was thankful for) and we ended the night with a stop to our favorite fast-food dumpling house… Ding Tai Fung!


Today I was up far earlier than the crack of dawn. We needed to be at the gym for 6:45 to start the video shoot for the White Collar Training video. I also feared that I would sleep in so I was awake from about 4am onwards – thank you internal alarm clock! Richard ran us all over the Marina Bay area and we were sweating in no time (I am sure that will look lovely on camera). It was fun to do the shoot, act a bit silly and I think the footage will look really great with iconic Marina Bay Sands in the background.

I then rushed home, showered up and went to get my hair ‘did’. It was long overdue for a cut and I haven’t had highlights put in since 2006 so it was nice to get a bit pampered. I had an appointment for a sports massage at 1pm and Maria has again done wonders for my neck and shoulders. I feel great!

After that I jumped into a taxi cab and headed over to Marina Bay because I was meeting up for another part of my video shoot. I had to quickly find a bathroom and change into some formal business attire (aka a costume since I don’t really wear that stuff as a Drama teacher). I felt a bit like someone in a movie having to change disguises in the bathroom! Make up applied, outfit changed and I was out the door for my video shoot. I won’t give away the details on this, but I THOROUGHLY enjoyed filming my part of the video! I was approached by someone who asked if I was an actress. HA! Maybe, I went a little over the top with my part…  I’ve never been known to do something like that before!

Charlie - boxing meets business attire!

Charlie – boxing meets business attire!

Then it was home again, off to the tailor to get a dress hemmed for Sunday’s shoot and squeeze in a pedicure just for fun while I waited for my dress. Then back to home and got ready for tonight’s Engagement Party for our friend’s Katie and Paul. It was so nice to get dressed up and meet up with my friends again. Good food and great company – there was lots to catch up on with people because I have been M.I.A. at so many things because I can’t stay awake past 9pm most nights!

I’ll fill you in on my Sunday later on today – we have another photo/video shoot today as well and I need to head out for my morning run! Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!


About K.O.

I am a middle school Drama specialist and boxing enthusiast. I love to spend time with friends and family in Singapore and Canada, travelling, watching movies and then writing about my experiences here.

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  1. Happy St. Patty’s Keriann! Hope you find some green beer to celebrate!

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