Day 60 – Big Love

Today was a busy day both with work and with the boxing fundraising. I had an article published on Reader’s Digest Canada today which was pretty great and hopefully will generate some more awareness of what I am doing to fundraise. I have had lots of amazing friends and family members share my article via Facebook and Twitter – massive thank you and big love to you all for helping me out. By doing so they have helped out so much because that means that their FB friends and followers may check out what I wrote and click on my blog link and hopefully end up right here.

Reading these exact words….

hi! 🙂

Reader’s Digest Article

I have taken the night off of training in preparation for tomorrow’s sparring session. I was feeling that by the time Fridays were rolling around I was losing my energy levels and my muscles were tired and sore. Hopefully taking a break now on Thursdays will do my body and mind good in preparing myself for training.

So, this allows me some space to tell you another reason of why I love Cambodia. Yay!! Tonight’s installment is about 2 of my favorite Cambodians.

Why I Love Cambodia: Wan and Savi

I have met these two fabulous people through some of my teaching friends. Through luck, my friends met both Wan and Savi randomly via tuk tuk on separate occasions. For those who don’t know, a tuk tuk is a mode of transportation that is used throughout Asia and each country often has their own version of it. In Cambodia it is a motorbike with a carriage attached to the back of it.

The wonderful Savi!!

The wonderful Savi!!

Wan sporting a Canada hat :)

Wan sporting a Canada hat 🙂

These guys actually didn’t know each other, but my group of friends have brought them together. Now Wan and Savi are good friends who hang out quite a bit and help each other out with work too. Each time we go to Cambodia, we send them a message on Facebook or text them to tell them that we are coming over for a visit. It is always a great reunion. We sing songs for them and they share their city and stories with us. This summer, a few of my friends stayed in Cambodia for an extended period doing work with the People’s Improvement Organization and got to hang out with Savi quite a bit. He invited them to meet his wife and kids and have dinner at his house in his village. They had a blast and I was super jealous because I didn’t get to go with them too!

Both Wan and Savi will go out of their way to help you and always greet you with a smile. We love seeing them each time we go to Cambodia.

So, as always, big love to Wan and Savi!

Cheers!   ជល់មួយ (jul mouy!)

Reunion in Cambodia (sadly Wan was the photographer so he wasn't in the shot!)

Reunion in Cambodia (sadly Wan was the photographer so he wasn’t in the shot!)

About K.O.

I am a middle school Drama specialist and boxing enthusiast. I love to spend time with friends and family in Singapore and Canada, travelling, watching movies and then writing about my experiences here.

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