Days 47 & 48 – Hey Baby, what’s shakin’?


Tonight I had my Personal Training Session with Rey. I had to run an errand after school so I arrived to the gym quite early and decided that I would stop in to Athlete’s Circle around the corner to see what I could find by the way of nutrition supplements. I need to keep my weight where it is but would like to gain some more muscle definition and energy. I picked up a few things and headed back to the gym to get ready.

Rey said that he had some things planned for me for my legs and my arms. I did my regular skipping warm up followed by stretching and then came the “fun” part. Sprints. Rey had me working on what I would call “suicides” (I used to do these during basketball practice in High School so I knew exactly what he wanted me to do when I saw the cones set up). But this time he started my sprints with “Rat-a-tats” (or at least that is the name I found for this exercise on the internet – I personally also call them “Butt Jigglers” because they also seem to have that effect on me when I do them. ugh). Basically, it is running on the spot with a wider stance on the balls of your feet for about 30 seconds. It reminds me of American football players warm up drills. Then when he shouted “go” I was off sprinting to one cone and back to the start and repeating until I had hit every cone. And then back to end it with a last 30 second Rat-a-tat. But after doing the small tiny runs your legs feel really strange and sore because you are focusing in on specific muscles and also having to bend down to touch each of the cones as you run the sprints.

After I was done my sets I was shaking my legs out and Rey very kindly offered to help me. This was my worst nightmare. He grabbed my leg and shook it back and forth really fast to help the muscle relax. We usually do this with my arms when they get tired, but it was a mortifying experience with my legs because, quite frankly, that’s where all the bad foods I have been eating go straight to and it happens to be a very “soft” area of my body. I felt like someone on one of those vibrating belt exercise machines from the 1950s. It wasn’t pretty.Hip Trimmer

We then worked on strengthening my arms with a few exercises, some spar play and pad work. It was a very good session and I felt great afterwards. I felt energized! I felt like my old self again! It was about time.

Later that evening, I went out to enjoy a lovely dinner with some of my lovely lady friends. It was long overdue and it had been awhile since I had taken the time to do so with everyone – much needed after a long week of work as well.


I had a hard time sleeping all the way until the alarm clock sounded this morning so I was tired arriving to the gym for our early morning session. I think I was feeling anxiety about having to spar today. I am not really sure why I felt this way because I didn’t feel that way the week before at all. Maybe I knew it was going to be an off-day before it even started. We arrived and Libby and I were up against each other again, but this time we were going for 3 full rounds (exactly what we will be doing on fight night). After the night before’s big session with Rey, I was feeling tired overall which isn’t a good way to start any boxing bout. Alexis noticed right away that I was really slow and commented on it after the first round. I must have been really bad because he told the squad at the end of the session that he also thought I had an especially terrible boxing session. *sigh* He did also say that most of us (except Libby who did great) didn’t have a great sparring session either – so I guess we were all in it together and it was just one of those days for the squad.

Alexis filmed my match and I took a minute after the session to watch it from his phone. I could see how slow I was going and the difference between what I boxed last week compared to today’s session. I think my body is telling me to take a break now after 7 days of straight training. So tomorrow is a rest day. I know I will feel anxious not working out, but in the end it will be for the best. Unfortunately, I was really looking forward to a bootcamp tomorrow but since we are sparring on Monday or Wednesday and also again on Saturday next week, I think I will have to wait to start that next Sunday instead.

We also briefly talked about our fundraising at the end of the session and I hope that what we have planned will help to get some cash brought in to the CSC (more to come after all the details have been ironed out). I also encouraged all the boxers to start sharing the link to the donation page – and I will keep doing the same myself. If we all come together as a team we can do phenomenal work to bring donations to the hospital.

Come on squad! Let’s show everyone that the charity is the REAL reason we are stepping into the ring!

Donation Page Link – DONATE TODAY!


About K.O.

I am a middle school Drama specialist and boxing enthusiast. I love to spend time with friends and family in Singapore and Canada, travelling, watching movies and then writing about my experiences here.

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