Day 46 – Mary? I thought your name was Keriann?

Today flew by in a flash. Things were crazy getting ready for tomorrow’s big event of the Uniting Nations Parade of Nations. This is a parade where all the students and teachers at the school dress in their national clothing and march proudly behind each flag of the countries that make up our school. Today we rehearsed – tomorrow we celebrate. 🙂

Rey and KO training together

Rey and KO training together

After school, I rushed out to buy some things for the performance and then was off to the 5:15 boxing class with my cousin Katelyn and friend Aynsley. We got there in time to do our wraps and for me to realize that I had to go to the washroom which is always a better realization BEFORE you put the wraps on. 😦 The session was good and it felt good to get back into one of Rey’s classes with lots of fitness exercises. I think that I need to keep more up to date with the fitness element of the boxing so I will be trying to up that a bit more. I was working with the American guy again today (I worked with him last Thursday too, but I forget his name). He is very quick and has good footwork so it was great practice to work with him again. I worked on some weaves and wanted to focus on correcting my jab a bit too as it has gone a bit wonky. I wish that I could work alongside Aynsley and Katelyn and see what they were up to, but I also knew I was there to train hard so I focused on the work I was doing with my own partner.

I do love however, that Rey has started to give Katelyn a bit of a nickname. Rey is pretty notorious for giving out nicknames to people at the gym. Katelyn’s new nickname is “Cousin”. I quite enjoy it, but I think that I should maybe let him in on the nickname we call her – “Kitty” * you’re welcome* Though I do like the name, “Cousin” too. I say keep it.

This is a good segway into an explanation of my own nickname that Rey has given me – “Mary”. When I first joined Vanda a couple of years back I was quite nervous. I had never been to a real boxing gym before and I didn’t know what the heck I was doing so I was pretty quiet (hard to imagine for those who know me, I know) So when I introduced myself, Rey thought I said “Mary Ann”. I think I corrected him and he nodded in agreement. The next class, “Mary” was born. However, I didn’t want to correct him in front of the other people in the class because I didn’t want to seem rude, so I just let it go again. This happened a few more lessons, until about the fourth one, when I approached him after class and mentioned the mix up. He stood there, looked at me and said “nah, you are a Mary”. Well, I guess I can’t argue with that? It then became our little joke, and then it became my name.

My two names have confused many. I have people calling me “Mary Ann”, “Mary” and often asking me “I thought your name was Keriann?” Which I do find quite funny. As a kid, I always had a girl named “Mary Ann” in my classes and we used to get confused for each other all the time so I think it is only appropriate that it has followed me here to Singapore. I answer to it like it is my own name these days.

I wish I was better at making nicknames so I could give Rey one too.

“Dr. Rey” will have to do for now thanks to his muscle and energy boosting concoctions. 🙂

Listen, your name is now "Mary", ok?

Listen, your name is now “Mary”, ok?


About K.O.

I am a middle school Drama specialist and boxing enthusiast. I love to spend time with friends and family in Singapore and Canada, travelling, watching movies and then writing about my experiences here.

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  1. Hehehe I really love to read Your blog Mary… Thank you… Prepare for our training tomorrow…

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