Day 45 – To judge or not to judge…

Today was a day where I needed to demonstrate a bit of self judgement in a few different ways – some of them proved to be more  successful than others. 🙂

1. Uniting Nations Food Festival

Each year our school celebrates the different cultures that make up our school community. One of the most favorite events of the week is the Food Festival. Parents go above and beyond to bake, cook and create the most amazing fair of the different foods from each of their countries. This is no small feat because our school has just under 3000 students, but the parents did a phenomenal job of making some of the most delicious samples to share with the whole school. This was the first of my self judgements for the day and undisputedly my worst. I did go in to the festival with a very small plastic container in hopes it would keep me on track. I wasn’t able to do that – at all. I picked mango sticky rice from Thailand, deep friend bananas from the Philippines, a chocolate and toffee tart from Ireland, cheese biscuits from Brazil and a few other treats. I did get a bit of protein as the parents from the Chinese booth really wanted to share their quail eggs with me and being the risk taker I am (see yesterday’s post) I obliged. Again… not so bad!

Oh well, a few little treats at this time was kind of fun and who can resist the Food Festival? It can’t be done.

2. Self Critiquing

Last night our sparring videos from Saturday’s session were sent out to the squad. I was really interested to see what it looked like and what I looked like in the ring. I wish I could share it with you but I’m not allowed to so you will have to wait for another one. (With baited breath I am sure) 🙂 So I watched the video once… twice…. three…four….five times (and probably more). I got up old videos and compared it to this new one. I was really happy to see that I have progressed quite a bit in that time frame. However, I judged myself to death trying to analyze every small problem I saw with what I was doing. I should burn the evidence and move on. But now, I think I have it out of my system and I hope to try to apply some of the corrections to this Saturday’s sparring session.

3. Body Blahs!

I have been noticing for the past week or so that some toning up of my body would do me good. I need to maintain my weight, but also need to get rid of the areas that are a little more… errmmm… “soft”. After all, I am not doing all of this hard work to look the same as what I did going into all this training right? I think that it is a bit more difficult to keep the weight and look the way that I would like to. Toning up by losing weight would be much easier I think. More sit ups, push ups and a good old fashioned internet search of what to do to achieve this, is my plan to get on with this part. I also think that a bit better judgement in situations like I found myself in at the Food Festival will also help out greatly with this issue.

All in all, sometimes a little self reflection does one good at the end of the day.

Onwards and upwards!



About K.O.

I am a middle school Drama specialist and boxing enthusiast. I love to spend time with friends and family in Singapore and Canada, travelling, watching movies and then writing about my experiences here.

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