Day 43 – Making an entrance…

Ah…. Monday…. *le sigh*

It really hits you like a ton of bricks sometimes, doesn’t it? Even though you know what to expect, it’s never quite the same as living an unpleasant work Monday. All I can say is that I hope Tuesday is a little easier on me. See ya never Monday!

Our boxing session tonight did help to ease the work day’s stresses though. It was nice to see the squad and have a bit of banter before we got started. We got straight into shadow boxing and spar play after a short skipping warm up. The spar play was especially helpful today because we mixed up our partners which gave me a different experience of working with Cecilia today. We were working on our movements and quick response punches when receiving one. I was working on my movement and even got in a few weaves under her punches (which I am sometimes hesitant to try). I also learned that I NEVER want to be a recipient of one of her straight punches from her very strong right hand. wow. She wasn’t even trying to punch hard and I could easily see that they would cause some serious damage to one’s face. Note to self – get out of the way of those as every opportunity possible. After that part of the session, I was quiet tired. My arms were just dead and my body couldn’t keep up. I’ll do better tomorrow during my PT session with Rey – I hope!

After the session, the General Manager of the gym spoke to the squad about selecting our boxing names (check) and our entrance music (I think I have something in the works). As a Drama teacher, this is my most favourite part. Alter egos and 1 minute 30 seconds of fame? – that is right up my alley!

So when I came home, I googled best fighting entrances just to see what was out there. I had googled this search last year but instead of using the word “fight” I only googled “boxing” and it showed mostly the standard entrances you see on TV. Now, with tonight’s search I came across something amazing. You thought my entrance was over-the-top last year? This guy takes it to an entirely different level. I LOVE IT!!! He is known for being a good MMA fighter but I think his real talent in creating ridiculous, cheesy and insane fight entrances.

Readers – let me introduce Japan’s own Genki Sudo!!!!



About K.O.

I am a middle school Drama specialist and boxing enthusiast. I love to spend time with friends and family in Singapore and Canada, travelling, watching movies and then writing about my experiences here.

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  1. Now *that* is awesome.

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