Pumped up Kicks

I just wanted to share with you all my new boxing accessory… My new Manny Pacquiao boots I purchased today!! I have been looking for these for almost a year (I could have ordered them online but was worried about the sizing)… But finally I got Manny on my heels. 🙂

For those who don’t know Manny – he’s amazing and my favourite boxer. Not only is he amazing in the ring but he also has a heart of gold and works to do many things to support others around him and in the Philippines. Who doesn’t love that?!

I hope these boots have a bit of the Manny magic that will help me in the ring!

I may just wear these all the time! 🙂




About K.O.

I am a middle school Drama specialist and boxing enthusiast. I love to spend time with friends and family in Singapore and Canada, travelling, watching movies and then writing about my experiences here.

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  1. Hey Pinx,

    Awesome Boots!!!! They’ll be winners for sure.

    It was great talking to you last night.

    Love Dad Pat O’Rourke, Sales Rep. Coldwell Banker All Points-Festival City Realty, Brokerage 401 Main St., S., Box 2401, Exeter, ON N0M 1S7 (519) 235-1449 (519) 871-7487 Cell 1 877 599-0090 Toll Free E-mail: pat@exeterforsale.com http://www.exeterforsale.com

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