Days 40 & 41 – Spring Cleaning


This day started off normal enough, but as of late I should have known that it was simply the calm before the storm at work. Next week we are celebrating our school’s Uniting Nations Week and the preparations that go into this week long event is unbelievable. My responsibility is to help with the final performance and this year we are celebrating martial arts from around the world. This is no small task and coordinating all the parents, students and instructors is really a lot of work! Unfortunately, I missed my Personal Training session with Rey because of this. I was really disappointed to have to miss out on a valuable training session with him, but next week I will be starting PT sessions 2x per week from now on, so I can hopefully make up for lost time.

After work I got home around 7:45, did some more work emails and helped Kelso to make dinner. After I ate I fell asleep on the sofa around 8:30pm (this is becoming a habit!!!). I also missed a birthday party for my cousin Katelyn, but by the time I was home and fed I couldn’t bring myself to do anything. However, I do think the 10+ hours of sleep may do me good, so in the end it works out I suppose.


When we left on Wednesday, Alexis told us that we would be sparring with Wan again because he didn’t want us to have to face each other quite yet. However, Alexis is a sneaky guy and he likes to play a few mind tricks with us because when we arrived today – his first words were about the ladies getting into the ring together. Such a trickster! So – Libby and I were first up after a short warm up. I thought the other set of girls were going in first so I just did some skipping and was planning to do some shadow boxing as the others were in the ring, but Libby and I got bumped up the queue to the first in the ring. I felt ready which is a good thing. My heart usually starts to race a lot going into the ring with someone, but for some reason I felt more comfortable. It must be all the work that Rey has been doing with me to prepare me for it.

It was a good session and we did two 2 minute rounds back to back so it simulated the real experience more than we had ever done before. The club video recorded the session so the boxers can watch their own individually so I am interested to see what it actually looked like. My perception can often be a bit skewed of what really happened and what I thought happened in there. I know that my hands were down because Libby landed a few on her target. Nothing reminds you of this like a 16oz glove to your head!

I still want to practice the experience of getting hit because it frazzles most of us. It is an experience that takes getting used to, and the only way to practice is to let someone hit you in the nose. Hooray!

The rest of my day has been spent going out for a bit of grub with Kelso and then doing some work from home and serious spring cleaning. The squad is organizing a Clothes Swap for Cambodia on April 7th here in Singapore (click on the words to link to the event page). It is a fundraising event where we take people’s donated pre-loved clothing and for a donation, people can take them home with them. Charity shopping! I have done this before with my friends and it is a lot of fun. This will be a much larger scale event this time, so we are looking for lots of donations. I did my fair share with cleaning out my closets (yes I know – plural) as you can see in the picture below… jeans, work clothes, dresses and even a beautiful ball gown. Hope to see you there!

Off to a good home!

Off to a good home!


About K.O.

I am a middle school Drama specialist and boxing enthusiast. I love to spend time with friends and family in Singapore and Canada, travelling, watching movies and then writing about my experiences here.

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