Days 33 – 38 – Maximum Indulgence Long Weekend!

Don’t worry your pretty little heads Canadian Boxer Readers, I am alive and well and still in the game. My deepest apologies for not writing sooner, but this marvelous long weekend was one that was just for me. No work emails, not much in terms of internet usage at all actually, and a lot of catching up with friends who I felt like I haven’t hung out with since all this training had started a month ago. So here’s a recap and I promise never to neglect you or this blog again. 🙂


I did have fantastic intentions to write on Friday night, but I fell asleep on my sofa around 8:30pm and was in no coherent state to write anything at all other than “ME. GO. BED. NOW” by the time I woke up around 11:30pm from what I call my usual “cat nap”. Friday at work was nutso and after school I ran a rehearsal of approximately 60 kids from 4 different martial arts at the same time. It actually went ok but it took all of my organizational skills to make that rehearsal function smoothly. *Phew!* Then I jumped in the “O’Beggmobile” and raced off to Vanda because I was meeting a photographer Richard Ticehurst ( who is helping me create a little portfolio to share with some magazines, newspapers etc. so I can send out a sort of media package to try to get interest in writing articles about the event, the charity and the hard work that is involved in it. More to come on that in the very near future (aka this weekend!)


Despite sleeping approximately 10 hours the night before, I was dragging myself out of bed this morning. Maybe because it felt like a long weekend had already started and I just wanted to go out and do nothing but enjoy a long weekend, or maybe it was because I was actually tired… I’ll never know because there was no time to bother with those feelings. I was very thankful that we weren’t starting up with a 6km warm up run and instead we were just doing some exercises to get us going. We sparred again, but this time we were working with Wan and did 3 rounds each. As always, it was good practice, but I was being way too eager to throw punches at him because he wasn’t hitting back as much. I knew I was “over punching” from the beginning and I think I was trying to overcompensate for feeling tired. Guilt has a weird effect on me!

After boxing, Kelso and I started prepping (no, don’t worry – not “Doomsday Prepping”) but we were going to have a balcony BBQ at our place that evening. I absolutely love having people over to our place and putting together a party. Kelso… likes to party and not so keen on the prepping part. But he hit up that wet market like a trooper for me and even went out and got other groceries I needed at a Cold Storage on Chinese New Year weekend. If that isn’t someone who is committed to a good BBQ I don’t know what is. Superstar!!! The BBQ was a lot of fun and this is where the slippery slope began of the weekend. I indulged. Big time.


Today, was a lovely sleep in day. Glorious! It was even more glorious that when I woke up I remembered that I cleaned EVERYTHING up the night before. The condo was clean and I was headed to the Hyatt hotel for a fantabulous Birthday Brunch for my dear cousin Kitty (aka Katelyn). *You’re welcome* This was her first ever hotel brunch in Singapore and I will admit, it was one of our best. We had an amazing time in the private Cellar Room where we could listen to our own music and be as loud as we liked – it was a birthday party after all. Again, I indulged. Big time. And even took it a step further by indulging in some shameless Karaoke later on in the the evening singing amazing 80’s and 90’s tunes at the top of my lungs with my friends (and fellow boxer Libby and her mates and fiancé). Indulgence at its absolute finest!


A day of rest – a full lazy indulgent day of rest and relaxation. Accomplishing absolutely nothing at all but catching up on TV and hanging out with dear Kelso. It was actually much needed and much appreciated. I wish it was more exciting but then I would be writing fiction. Did I mention that I love Chinese New Year? Extra long weekends in Singapore are amazing!


Another day of indulgence? How can that be, you say? Easily done. Very easily done. Today Kels and I got up and worked a little for our indulgent afternoon, so that makes it ok, right? We headed off to Ufit ( on Amoy Street for a bit of pre-Valentine’s Day fun around noon. This was my present to Kelso this year. We did a Personal Training session for two with his regular trainer, Stephen. It was great fun (and also painfully hard at points), but I can easily see why Kelso loves his sessions there. After that we went down Orchard Road to start in on some serious indulgence. Starting at Marche. We ate and drank food we shouldn’t like we didn’t have a care in the world! And then I indulged in some shopping. We really enjoyed the afternoon together – Kelso was again a trooper as I tried on clothes. For dinner – pizza and pasta! Why not? The long weekend of indulgence wasn’t over yet!


Today I am feeling a little like that little “indulgence spree” I maniacally went on could have benefited from some down-to-earth time as well. My work day was crazy because I neglected my emails. That wasn’t my best idea ever but it sure felt good at the time. However, when I got to the gym tonight I had to weigh in. I was worried. How quickly can 4 days of extreme indulgence catch up with you… apparently not so fast. I lost a kilogram since the last time I weighed in. In-your-face, diet! We worked hard tonight and focused on delivering a load of punches during a round. Alexis said that we shouldn’t be punching any less than 150 times per 3 min round. So, I counted. My first shadow boxing round round was 156 punches, second round was 168 and then we went to the bags to do more. My best round was 226 on the “double jab straight, then 1,2,3,4” combination. Smashed most of the rounds despite coughing through some of them. I’ll beat this cough if I have to double jab it 226 times to make it understand!

So, as in the lyrics of one of my favorite 90’s songs (and possibly a hit of Sunday evening’s Karaoke fest) – I’m now “Back to life, back to reality.”


About K.O.

I am a middle school Drama specialist and boxing enthusiast. I love to spend time with friends and family in Singapore and Canada, travelling, watching movies and then writing about my experiences here.

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