Day 30 – New and Improved

New and Improved…

Well I hope so at least! As per many friends recommendations for the past few days I have taken another day off training in hopes that rest will be the answer to what is ailing me these days. My cough is getting nastier and nastier. These coughing fits rear their ugly heads at the best/worst of times. For example, when I am in the middle of doing a punching combination on the bags (Alexis’ face the other night was a half way look of concern and horror/disgust), or when I am in the middle of teaching a lesson at school and the kids look scared that I might keel over at any minute, or when someone makes me laugh and I actually can’t laugh because it has turned into this mess of me trying to catch my breath.

However, tonight it actually taught a lesson believe it or not. During my CPR recertification session, I had a superb bit of coughing and left the room so that people could actually hear the instructor. While I was gone, the group went into a discussion about how a cold and coughing could actually lead someone to choke. Thankfully that wasn’t me, and the group apparently wasn’t concerned because they could actually hear me through the soundproof doors of my classroom. I’m glad I could be of instructional assistance though.

So, I admitted defeat and went home to rest. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be new and improved.

This has also lead me to think about how I am improving as the training continues. I feel that I am improving my footwork and punches, but I really want to hear as many corrections and pointers that the coaches can give me. The only way to improve is to know what the problem is so that you can pinpoint what needs to be fixed. I was going through some of my old training videos and thought I would share what I looked like during my second ever sparring session.

This video was taken only a few days after my first ever time in a ring. I was at the old Vanda club minding my own business and enjoying a regular boxing class one evening, and I noticed a group come in to do a sparring session against the Vanda team members (not the White Collar Team). I quickly noticed there was a very, very tough looking girl who was going to be boxing but there were no girls for her to box. I got called over. I immediately started to panic. Seriously panic. She was SCARY!!! One of the other White Collar guys was there to cheer me on (he barely knew me at the time and thought my name was MaryAnne – thanks to my trainer Rey who has given me the nickname “Mary” which confuses many – but that’s another story!) So this is it – my first ever sparring about one year ago.

I have a few of these and plan to take more videos as I go along – Let’s see if all this hard work is paying off in the ring.

Round One (Literally!)  *already noted: no guard up = many punches to my face!!!**



About K.O.

I am a middle school Drama specialist and boxing enthusiast. I love to spend time with friends and family in Singapore and Canada, travelling, watching movies and then writing about my experiences here.

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  1. What I see is that you were in her face more than she was in yours. I also noticed what a wicked workout this is considering the ‘moisture’ on the back of your tank top. You must sweat off 5 pounds every time. Awesome girl! Re your cough…. have you got a ‘puffer’? Maybe this is a bronchial thing.

    • Hi aunt Julie!
      Yes – its a huge workout each time! And even harder in the ring than when you are doing exercises or practicing punches. Nothing quite like it in my experiences!
      As for the puffer- not yet but I’m heading back to the doctor today. Hopefully she can help me out bc do far it’s not working 😦 I’ll ask about the puffer though. Thanks!

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