Day 17 & 18 – Seized muscles and a day of REST!

On Wednesday, I did double duty again at the gym with my students and also another White Collar session. My students were hilarious as we were playing some ‘tag’ style games at the end of the session and they so badly wanted to win against Wan. However, Wan has superhuman reflexes and I am sure there are few who could beat him at his own game! It was fun to watch them try though.

I don’t mind the double sessions on Wednesdays – as long as I have eaten a little snack in between because otherwise I am starving and I feel really weak. So this time, it was a protein shake. Whenever I drink those shakes I tend to think of that old Saturday Night Live skit of Hans and Franz who were there to “Pump You Up”

Ok, ok – maybe not, but I do wish those protein drinks worked a little magic on my muscles because I sure needed them by the end of the session on Wednesday. The session was good and Alexis helped me to fix my jabs. I have gotten into the habit of flicking my jab instead of making it a straight one. After Alexis reminded me to get my hands back quickly to protect my face (thanks to a couple of his own jabs square to my jaw) I could easily see that this aspect of my fighting needed some serious work. I did pretend to cry though to make him feel somewhat bad about clocking me.

The final straw for me that night was the partner “wall sit”. This is the same activity I mentioned the other day where you would lean against the wall as if you were sitting in a chair and hold it.


Imagine this except there is another person leaning on you trying to hold you up instead of a mirror!!

Imagine this except there is another person leaning on you trying to hold you up instead of a mirror!!

Except this time it was worse!!! Alexis had us partner up and use each other’s back as the wall. Not only was this part excruciating, but he added a bit more to the “fun” by giving us hand weights that we were to hold straight out to the sides for a few minutes. My legs were quivering, burning and eventually actually seized up. It felt like my thigh muscles were literally going to pop out of my skin. Tears may have fallen down my face (I couldn’t be sure because there was already so much sweat streaming!). Horrible, horrible end to the session. I felt bad for my partner as I thought I would fall on her and I definitely didn’t want to injure her (especially after my friend Brandy’s experience with her injury during White Collar training in Hong Kong). I was very conscious that if I slipped up I could hurt someone else and I definitely didn’t want to be THAT person.

So thankfully, today I get to sit in a real chair all day because it is Parent Teacher Conference night at school. My muscles are thanking me for that!


About K.O.

I am a middle school Drama specialist and boxing enthusiast. I love to spend time with friends and family in Singapore and Canada, travelling, watching movies and then writing about my experiences here.

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