Days 12-14: Weekend Training and Fun(draising!)

I decided to lump a few days together into one post this weekend as there was a lot going on and also a lot of R&R that I was happy to partake in!


Friday was a very busy day at work. I am working on a few projects along with the full time teaching part of my job. I am busy working on running rehearsals for an upcoming Uniting Nations celebration – coordinating the performance and music which is a very big deal here at CIS. With having all the students and their parents invited – this performance is big (approximately 3000 people!) I rushed out of the Capoeira practice at the end of the day and was a few minutes late for the 5:15 Boxing Class. Thankfully Wan let me join in despite my tardiness! I really appreciated that since it is about a 45 minute drive to the gym from work. The session was really good and Wan was helping me out by giving me a few more pointers and things to think about as I throw my punches. I am starting to feel a little under the weather with a cold, but I hope I can kick it soon as I don’t have time to be sick!


6:20am – *sigh* I was really struggling this morning to get up and get in the boxing frame of mind. I was so very, very tired and my body was telling me that it really wanted to just go back to BED! The session was tiring but it was a good practice in footwork. I felt like my hands just weren’t working fast enough to keep up with what I know I can normally do. I think this cold might be affecting my brain! Wan was right there smacking me in the head while I was punching the bag shouting “Keriann – do you think you are tired? Come on, Keriann! Go!”. It totally different punching the bag when you know a glove is coming at your face – good practice for the real thing!

After training, we had a little squad meeting to discuss what we want to do to fundraise. It was really fantastic to get everyone together and I was very impressed to hear that everyone was interested in doing some serious fundraising to help the kids. Lots to come about this – but I am already so proud of the squad and their ideas!

On Saturday evening, Kelso and I hosted some friends over for a Perogy party. During the Christmas holidays while traveling, it came to our attention that our U.K. friends had never had the delights of the Ukraine and needed to try them out. My friends worked hard making dozens of them and Celeste even ran a little cooking lesson for the boys before dinner. We then went to celebrate another friend’s birthday. I stayed out way too late though!


I slept in today and it felt amazing! Kelso and I had a little bit of a lazy morning, but eventually he went to play football. I laced up my running shoes and ran to the pitch to watch the game. Kelso underestimated the running route by about 2km, but it was worth it. Unfortunately, they lost the game, but it was fun to go out and watch. It was raining on the way home and I thought about taking the MRT home, but decided that a run back home would do me better. It felt great to run in the pouring rain and I thankfully brought a little plastic bag to keep my iPhone dry in my running belt. We then went down for a little bit of shopping and dinner on Orchard. We decided that we both needed a new pillow for the bed since we had been sleeping terribly for the past little while. Kelso is turning very domestic over this past week! I am loving it! 🙂

White Collar Training again on Monday – this cold is lingering so I hope I have a bit more energy than I did on Saturday morning! Fingers crossed I survive this one!!


About K.O.

I am a middle school Drama specialist and boxing enthusiast. I love to spend time with friends and family in Singapore and Canada, travelling, watching movies and then writing about my experiences here.

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